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Magee Resource Group
Magee Resource Group has been exclusively retained by Indian River Medical Center (IRMC) and the Duke Cancer Network to recruit a Cancer Program Director. Magee Resource Group is an experienced Healthcare Executive Search firm that specializes within the oncology service line. Our firm's creativity in offering solutions to healthcare organizations is a proven process that is results driven and is why we have been able to work with some of the top cancer programs in the nation.
Cancer Program Director, Indian River Medical Center

Indian River Medical Center/Duke Cancer Network
Vero Beach, Florida
Reporting Relationship
The Cancer Program Director will report to the Director of
Program Affiliations, Duke Cancer Network and is accountable to
the CEO of Indian River Medical Center or designee, Senior
Director Duke Cancer Network and Duke Cancer Network
Medical Director

WEBSITES http://www.irmc.cc/gui/content.asp

Annual Cancer Report http://viewer.e-digitaledition.com/i/101201
Cancer Program Director
Purpose: The Cancer Program Director will direct the administrative, financial, clinical and non-clinical operations and activities of the Cancer program at Indian River Medical Center. The Cancer Program Director will provide administrative oversight and leadership for the Cancer program at Indian River Medical Center by ensuring the effectiveness of clinical functions related to personnel and policy in order to meet the mission of patient care, education and research within fiscally responsible organizations.

Scope of Responsibilities: Working in collaboration with the Medical Directors of Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology at Indian River Medical Center, and with the Senior Director of the Duke Cancer Network (DCN), the Cancer Program Director will work with the multidisciplinary team to develop and implement short and long-term operational and strategic initiatives for cancer care services. Responsibilities include patient experience accountability, program development, business development, marketing oversight, operations management, staff development, medical staff relationships and financial accountability.

Job Qualifications: This position requires the individual to have the ability to respond appropriately in highly public environments, remote to the Duke campus, in high pressure situations. A Master's degree in Health Care or Nursing with expertise in oncology program development will be considered. This position will work collaboratively with the Duke Cancer Network to develop and maintain a multidisciplinary cancer program at Indian River Medical Center.

This is achieved through:
Development of care delivery systems and programs to ensure the provision of a DUHS standard of quality care at Indian River Medical Center,
The ability to effectively build relationships, facilitate and collaborate with all parties involved in the administration of radiation, medical and surgical oncology programs, and
Collaboration with DCN, Duke Cancer Institute, and Duke University Health System (DUHS) administrative, medical, surgical, radiation oncology, clinical nursing, pathology, pharmacy, and clinical research leadership.

Master's degree in a healthcare related field, including nursing, is required at a minimum.
Nursing degree not required, but a clinical degree is preferred.
Minimum of three (3) years' experience in hospital administration is required
Significant experience within oncology is preferred
Preferred: Current state license as a Registered Nurse and three (3) years of nursing experience.
If RN, OCN, AOCN, desirable
Excellent problem-solving skills
Project management experience and ability to manage several projects simultaneously
Experience in design and build for a new cancer center preferred
Facilitation skills
Effective verbal and written communication skills with ability to present to administrative and community groups
Computer literacy

Candidates for the position should have:
An understanding of how to work and manage in a community and academic environment
Consensus-building skills
Sensitivity for and understanding of clinical disciplines and issues
The ability to work with all types of individuals in multiple settings and locations
The ability to promote diversity in the workplace
Organizational skills to support planning and implementation
The following description of job responsibilities and standards reflect the major duties of the job but do not describe minor duties or other responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time.
Oversight of the delivery of quality cancer care at Indian River Medical Center
With direction from the Director of Program Affiliations for the Duke Cancer Network or his/her designee, DUHS, and the chief executive officer or his/her designee of Indian River Medical Center, develops strategic and operational plans for oncology services, communicates, and continuously evaluates plans.
Develops service line goals and objectives, and works with the DCN experts and Indian River Medical Center clinical directors/managers to ensure the establishment and implementation of approved policies and procedures for oncology service operations.
Serves as administrative liaison with DUHS and for the department directors/managers, hospital leadership, professional personnel and community constituents concerning oncology services at Indian River Medical Center. Assists with development of policies and procedures, personnel administration, operating budget preparation and control, allocation of funds, and capital expense items that support the current and future growth of the oncology programs at Indian River Medical Center.
Facilitates communication and problem solving for oncology service issues at Indian River Medical Center to assist with the provision of timely, coordinated, quality and seamless care.
Provides and maintains effective communications with medical staff, the community, and all levels of supervision and staff at Indian River Medical Center and DUHS.
Maintains interface with departmental leadership at Indian River Medical Center to assist with ensuring that clinical operational activities include adequate staffing, space and facilities, coordination of purchasing, maintenance and renovation activities for the operational areas, and property management and accountability. Assists departmental leadership in determining and recommending necessary space, equipment, supplies and support systems to ensure effective functioning of oncology services at Indian River Medical Center.
Supervises all departmental activities related to patient care.
Ensures that patient care needs are met in an appropriate fashion and in a timely manner.
Assesses the delivery of care and identifies problems and any need for improvements.
Plans ways to solve problems and to make improvements in systems supporting the delivery of patient care. Assures intra-departmental and inter-departmental services function effectively and efficiently. Works to effectively integrate services as appropriate.
Oversees the development, implementation, and maintenance of key cancer programs that are essential to quality cancer care and support of the patient and benchmarked with DUHS and national standards, which include but are not limited to:
Clinical treatment services
Clinical research program
Educational programming
Transitions into the community
Genetic counseling program
Survivorship program
Palliative care program
Navigator program
Multidisciplinary efforts

Quality program development and oversight
Assists to ensure that appropriate bottom line targets are developed and met relative to quality of care through the hospitals' quality assurance programs. Assures development and implementation of outcomes management and associated performance targets, including, but not limited to patient satisfaction surveys, national programmatic standards (ASCO, ONS, OHRP, OSHA ASTRO, TJC and CMS publicly reported data for the services.
Establishes departmental standards of quality, productivity, and performance. Standards are established and reviewed at least annually and are in line with DUHS standards of practice.
Coordinates activities and programs to assure accreditation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (ACoS-CoC).
Oversees site's participation in national oncology quality initiatives (ASCO Quality Oncology Practice Initiative, etc.).
Ensures compliance with regulatory agencies and appropriate licensing/accrediting agencies in areas of service and personnel. Plans and implements action needed to comply with all regulatory and accrediting agencies.
Participates on assigned hospital quality improvement teams and disseminates information to staff appropriately and in a timely manner.
Plan ways to solve identified problems within the department and to make improvements in the delivery of patient care.
Directs, supervises, and participates in implementing planned changes and activities to improve service.
Assists with development and at minimum annual review of policies and procedures relevant to cancer care at IRMC.
Staff oversight and education functions
Ensures the maintenance of standards for competency including licensure, continuing education, staff development, and staff retention.
Provides/plans/maintains staffing patterns based on patient and operational needs.
Assesses the number and level of personnel needed to provide quality patient care and adjusts staffing assignments appropriately.
Schedule staff based upon patient needs and staff qualifications to provide safe effective patient care.
Assignment of duties as appropriate based on competency and skill of employees.
Recruits, interviews, selects, and assists in evaluation of staff in collaboration with DUHS and Medical Director as appropriate.
Develops and maintains current job descriptions and standards of performance of employees reporting to this position. Job descriptions are reviewed and revised at least annually and as needed.
Interviews candidates for positions.
Evaluates assigned staff with evaluations completed within one month of evaluation due date or per Indian River Medical Center policy.

Strategic development and financial and business support
a. Provides input into Indian River Medical Center's strategic planning initiatives related to radiation, medical and surgical oncology, including availability resources to support affiliated programs, organizational design, identification of potential sites.
Project future needs for service, space, equipment, material, revenue, and personnel. Recommendations are made as needed for programmatic goals.
Assists with marketing and business strategies for the oncology program.
Actively participates in communication with the community concerning oncology programs, services and community needs.
Maintains optimal, cost-effective delivery of services.
Actively participates in the planning and development of a realistic annual departmental budget, based on projected needs of patients served.
Recommends budget information to administration for capital expenditures, operating expenses and revenue.
Participates in the development of a business plan for any new services.
Demonstrates fiscal responsibility as evidenced by monthly productivity and responsibility reports for the department that are in-line with projected outcomes.
Ensures accurate technical, and where appropriate professional, billing for oncology related services.
Indian River Medical Center
Celebrating 81 years of caring for the community, Indian River Medical Center is an award-winning 335-bed not-for-profit hospital centrally located on Florida's east coast. In addition to their heart center affiliated with Duke Medicine, IRMC is well known for its comprehensive cancer program, nationally recognized vascular surgery and orthopedic services, its spacious and modern ER and a wound healing center with a healing rate of 91 percent in 16 weeks. IRMC will break ground in 2014 on a new 140,000 sq. ft Health & Wellness Center for their community. Indian River Medical Center is proud to be named 'Company of the Year' (in the large business of 100 or more employees category) by the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce.
The only not-for-profit hospital in Indian River County, IRMC is owned by the community through the Indian River County Hospital District, governed by local business and professional leaders who volunteer their time and expertise, and supported by the Indian River Medical Center Foundation, also composed of local residents. All decisions are made locally. 'Profits' are invested back into the community into new equipment, technologies and facilities as well as education opportunities, health screenings and innovative medical services like the Wound Healing Center and Medication Management Clinic. The employees, physicians and volunteers of Indian River Medical Center take great pride in providing 'the right care right here.'
Indian River Medical Center Cancer Center
The strategic focus of the Indian River Cancer Center, in partnership with the Duke Cancer Network, is to provide comprehensive "whole patient" cancer care for the community.
The anticipated opening date for the state-of-the art cancer center is in April 2015. A new Cancer Center will be constructed as an inviting 'home' for the Excellence in our Cancer Care initiative, centralizing access for all cancer patients. The new facility will include Patient

Navigator offices, genetic and high-risk counseling areas, a patient resource library, clinical research area, community education rooms, conference rooms for multidisciplinary treatment planning, and offices for cancer care staff.
An environment of healing and comfort will be created in the new Ambulatory Infusion area, where chemotherapy and other related modalities are delivered. The new center will include a patient resource center, a nourishment galley, a boutique offering specialty products and inspirational items, and a healing garden--a place for patients, visitors and staff to take a breath, enjoy the outdoor setting and reflect on what's important. The Cancer Center will be adjacent to the hospital, The Health and Wellness Center and Imaging Center for easy access to specialists, enhanced diagnostic imaging, as well as pathology services. Also included in the plans are:
Radiation Therapy Enhancements: A new TruBeam Linear Accelerator will bring the most sophisticated radiation therapy treatments to IRMC. It offers a highly focused beam, which hits the cancer target with extreme accuracy, producing better outcomes and fewer side effects. In some cases daily treatments are replaced by single treatments, allowing patients and their families to experience minimal disruption to their daily lives.
DaVinci Robot: A minimally invasive surgical alternative to open surgery and laparoscopy for complex surgical procedures, the robot is used to treat throat, bladder, kidney and colorectal cancers as well as gynecologic and other urologic cancers.
Digital Pathology System: This system will allow IRMC pathologists to scan pictures of the microscopic composition of tumors into reports and share this critical information instantaneously with experts anywhere in the world to ensure consistent and objective diagnostic interpretations for each patient.
Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy Systems: These systems provide a diagnostic, minimally invasive means to obtain biopsies of the gastrointestinal tract and the lungs utilizing ultrasound for guidance, fiber optics for visualization, and maneuverability of instruments during the procedure for exceptional accuracy. Some patients will be able to avoid more invasive, higher risk biopsy procedures with the use of this technology. The Pavilion will be adjacent to the hospital, Health and Wellness Center and Imaging Center for easy access to specialists, enhanced diagnostic imaging, as well as pathology services.
1084 New Analytical Cases in 2012
Prostate/Bladder - 18%
Lung - 16%
Breast - 12%
Colon-rectal - 9%
Melanoma - 7%
Cancer Center Facility (34,000 sq. ft.) $11.5M
IRMC Campus
Inpatient Units (8500 sq. ft.) $4.9 M
Two OR Suites (5800 sq. ft.) $2.6 M
$10.15M Tru-Beam Linear Accelerator
$5.70M Linac & CT Upgrade & Interfaces
$0.82M DaVinci Robotic Surgery
$2.20M Ultrasound Guided Biopsy
$0.38M Digital Pathology System
$0.80M Refrigerated Centrifuge $0.25M
Program Support (5 Year) $13.53M
Qtr. 2 2014 - Medical Director on board
Qtr. 2 2014 - Cancer Center Administrator and Director of Clinical Research on board
Summer 2014 - Clinical Trials available
Oct 2014 - Tru-Beam Installation complete
Oct 2014 - Operating Room Suites (2) complete
Oct 2014 - Inpatient Cancer renovation complete
Apr 2015 - Cancer Center Opens
Duke Cancer Network
U.S. News and World Report ranks Duke among the top medical centers in the country for both cardiac and cancer care. As a designated National Cancer Institute (NCI) center, Duke is renowned for its expertise and level of cancer care. Leading-edge cancer care and research have been a hallmark of Duke Medicine for nearly 40 years. Today, the Duke Cancer Institute continues to build on its national and global reputation as one of the foremost centers for cancer diagnosis, treatment, research, education, and training. The Duke Cancer Network (DCN) has established clinical affiliations, program development and research relationships with hospitals and oncology practices throughout the Southeast. Locations include Florida, North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Michigan. In addition to five clinical affiliates, Duke Cancer Network has ten research and six program development affiliations. DCN relationships are tailored to each community and currently serve 17 affiliates in three categories of affiliation. The DCN creates teams with a breadth of expertise to address the diverse needs of individual communities and organizations providing oncology services.
The experienced health care professionals of the Duke Oncology Network bring an array of oncology-related services to a regional network of community cancer programs. These programs share Duke's commitment to excellence in cancer care through patient care, clinical research, and education. Affiliations are tailored to the needs of each program, with services ranging from clinical services to benchmarking to consultative program assessment and development. Within North Carolina, DCN has established and supports a number of clinical community oncology programs. Duke has worked collaboratively with multiple communities to grow oncology services from the ground up.
Several of their affiliate programs now have full-time Duke oncologists based in the community with additional support from providers traveling out from Duke to address community needs. In 2012 more than 2100 new patients were seen by Duke medical oncologists in their home communities. Additionally in three communities, Duke supports radiation oncology programs with Duke radiation oncologists and physicists on site delivering patient care. All affiliations include a research component with more than 560 subjects enrolled in clinical trials at these sites over the past three years. Since 2010, DCN research accruals have accounted for 59% of Duke's enrollment in CALGB/CTSU cooperative group trials (NCI funded research groups).

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